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The America’s Cup, dating from 1851, is the oldest trophy in international sport and is considered yacht racing’s Holy Grail. Although there is no prize money awarded to the winner, racing syndicates spend tens of millions of dollars mounting campaigns to either defend or challenge for the America’s Cup and prove their technological supremacy at sea. Because of the enormous cost and preparation required, the event is held approximately every three years. 
  1851 - America Triumphs Over Britannia, the New York Yacht Club and its 101-foot rakish schooner America won a 60-mile regatta around the Isle of Wight that had been staged by England's Royal Yacht Squadron. "America" was the only American entry and beat out 14 British yachts. The an ornate silver trophy they took home was called The 100-Guinea Cup, but was renamed the America's Cup .
1870 - Magic, et al., Defeat Cambria, The 90-foot schooner Magic (R.F. Loper) led a fleet of 14 sailboats from the NYYC in a single 35-mile race off New York, defeating Great Britain’s Cambria, which was owned by James Ashbury. The 108-foot Cambria, designed and built by Michael Ratsey of Cowes, finished 10th overall,

 1871 - Columbia, Sappho Tag-Team Britain’s Livonia, 4-1 The centerboard schooner Columbia, designed and built by Joseph Van Deusen, and a second schooner, Sappho, from the board of C. & R. Poillon, easily defeated a second challenge from James Ashbury and Michael Ratsey’s schooner Livonia. Columbia won the first two races, but lost the third after losing a jib stay and her steering gear. As was the custom at the time, Sappho was allowed to sail in the next two races of the seven-race series, winning them both.

1876 - Madeleine Dispatches Canada’s Countess of Dufferin, 2-0 Alexander Cuthbert’s 106-foot Countess of Dufferin (pictured left) of Ontario, Canada, mounted the third challenge for the Cup, but defender Madeleine was a  sloop converted  to a schooner—owned by John S. Dickerson, designed by J. Voorhis, and skippered by J. Williams—was unbeatable in the two-race series, as she had been for the previous three years. This was last time schooners raced for the America’s Cup

1881 - Mischief Downs Atalanta of Canada, 2-0 The 68-foot cutter Mischief, owned by NYYC member Joseph Busk of England and designed by A. Carey Smith, quickly dispatched, 2-0, a second challenge from Canadian Alexander Cuthbert, who sailed Atalanta. Mischief was originally a trial horse for the David Kirby-designed Pocahontas, but sailed so well during the trials, she was selected to defend the Cup. The defeat of the Pocahontas prompted the NYYC not accept challenges   from the great lakes contenters.
1885- Puritan vs. Genesta 2-0 
  Puritan a centerboard cutter designed by Edward  Burgess owned by J.M. Forbes and Charles Paine  Genesta was owned by Sir Richard Sutton
1886-Mayflower vs. Galatea 2-0   Mayflower designed by Edward  Burgess owned Charles Paine  Galatea  was ownned by William   Henn.
1893 Vigilant Vs ValkyrieII  3-0 Vigilant was boat designer and builder Nat Herreshoff first American Cup boat it combined the keel and centerboard.
1895 Defender Vs ValkyrieIII 3-0 Defender Nat Herreshoff Design a deep sharp hull with 85 tons of lead ballast in her kee
1899 Columbia vs Shamrock I 3-0  Columbia is Nat Herreshoff third American cup winner owned by J.P. Morgan and C.O. Iselin. Shamrock I is Sir Thomas Lipton 1 st try at the cup
1901 Columbia vs Shamrock II 3-0.
1903  Reliance vs Shamrock III  3-0 Reliance another of Nat's winning boat was a fin-keel scow boat carried 16,600 sq. feet of sail.
1920 Resolute vs Shamrock IV  3-2 Resoluteicon the last of the Herreshoff cup boats this is Sir Liptons best try at the cup
1930 Enterprise vs ShamrockV 4-0  Enterprise the first of the great J Boats built by W. Starling Burgess owned by Harold Vanderbilt. This was Sir Thomas Lipton now 80 last race.
1934 Rainbow vs. Eneavour 4-2
1937 Ranger vs Endeavour  4-0
1958 Columbia vs Sceptre 4-0  The first of the 12meter yacht
1962 Weatherly vs Gretel  4-1 Gretel was the first of seven Australian challenges.
1964 Constellation vs Sovereign 4-0
1967 Intrepid vs Dame Pattie 4-0 Intrepid had a knuckle on the  bow that extended her length.
1970 Intrepid vs Gretel II  4-1
.1974 Courageous vs Southern Cross 4-0 Courageus helm Dennis Conner,  Southern Cross owned by Alan Bond.
1977 Courageous vs Australia 4-0 Ted Turner at the helm
1980 Freedom vs Australia 4-0
1980 Liberty vs Australia  II 3-4  Dennis Conner, who has won the America’s Cup outright a record three times and participated in a fourth winning campaign, was at the helm of the 12-meter Liberty in the 1983 loss to Alan Bond’s  wing-keeled Australia II representing the Royal Perth Yacht Club Australia after 132 years the America's Cup leaves America. .
1987 - Stars and Stripes vs Kookaburra The America's Cup returns to America. Dennis Connor, on board Stars and Stripes successfully challenged Australian Kevin Parry's Kookaburra and regained the cup for the San Diego Yacht Club
1992 - America 3 vs Moro di Venezia, 4-1 defended the Cup for the San Diego Yacht Club against the Italian challenger
Franco Pace - Close Quarters (Americas Cup 95)

Close Quarters (Americas Cup 95)
Franco Pace
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1995 - Young America vs Black Magic New Zealanders  5-0 The Kiwis won by a stunning 5-0 margin to take the Cup “Down Under” for only the second time in its 144-year history. The Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron is now the keeper of the Cup, and will defend it in early 2000. A formidible fleet of challengers is lining up to take it away, including the AmericaOne challenge representing San Francisco’s St. Francis Yacht Club.

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