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Dictionary of Boating Sailing, Schooners, Naval, Ships, Boat and Seafaring Terms

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S  Sailing Terms
Sail: - a piece of cloth that catches the wind and so powers a vessel.
Sailing rig: - the equipment used to sail a bost, including sails, booms and gaffs, lines and blocks.
Salon -- also saloon; main social cabin of a boat
Sandbagger  a type of broad shallow open or partly decked  center board boat sailing boat which originated around the 1850  They carried tremendous sail area for their size .
Scarfed - A method of joining two timbers or two plywood  panels together by a diagonal joint.
Schooner: - sailing ships with at least 2 masts (foremast and mainmast) with the mainmast being the taller. Word derives from the term "schoon/scoon" meaning to move smoothly and quickly. ( a 3-masted vessel is called a "tern")
Scull - moving the rudder or oar in the stern back and forth in an attempt to move the boat forward
Scuppers: - holes through the ship sides which drain water at deck level over the side.
Scrimshaw - A sailors carving or etching on bones, teeth, tusks or shells
Scurvy - disease historically common to seaman -- was caused by lack of Vitamin C
Sea Anchor: Any device used to reduce a boat's drift before the wind.
Sea Cock - A through hull valve, a shut off on a plumbing or drain pipe between the vessel's interior and the sea.
Secure - To make fast
Serving is encircling a rope with line or spunyarn,&c., to keep it from rubbing and chafing.
Serving MALLET. - A cylindrical piece of wood, with a han dIe in the middle; it is used for serving,
Shackle -- a metal link which can be open and closed for joining chain to anchor, etc.
Shake out - to release a reefed sail and hoist the sail aloft
Sheet: - piece of line fastened to the sail and used to position relative to the wind.
Sheetbend is knot used to tie two ropes of unequal thickness together
Sheepshank is a shortening knot, which enables a rope to be shortened non-destructively.
Sheave - the wheel of a block pulley
Ship's Bells The bell is rang every 1/2 hour to announce the time of the day starting at 0030 which would be one bell ever 1/2 hour their is an addition bell until 8 bells would be at 0400 , 0800, 1200, 1600, 2000, 2400. 8 bells would normally indicate it was time to change the watch. you would then start over with one bell at the next half hour.
Shroud: - a line or wire running from the top of the mast to the spreaders, then attaching to the side of the vessel.
Sloop-A single-masted fore-and-aft-rigged sailing vessel with a single headsail set from the forestay.
Spanker-  The after sail of a sailing ship or bark
Spar: - a pole or a beam.
Spreaders -- small spars between the mast and shrouds
Spring line -- a line tied between two opposing forces that has a neutralizing effect. At the dock with a bow line and stern line tied off, a spring line is often added to limit the movements of a vessel even more.
Sole: - the inside deck of the ship.
Square Knot used for tying two ropes together.
Squall-A sudden violent blast of wind.
Stay: - a line or wire from the mast to the bow or stern of a ship, for support of the mast (fore, back, running, and triadic stays).
Starboard - right side of the ship when facing forward
Standing Rigging shrouds and stays that secure the yards and mast in place .Standing Rigging of a Merchant Ship, 70 Tons
Stay sail: - any sail attached to a stay.
Stem: - the timber at the very front of the bow.
Stern - after end of a vessel
Surf-The breaking of the sea upon the shore.
Surge-A large, swelling wave. 2.To surge a rope or cable, is to slack it up suddenly where it renders round a pin, or round the windlass of a capstan.

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