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C Sailing Terms

Cabin -A compartment for passengers or crew.
Cabin sole -the bottom surface of the enclosed space under the deck of a boat
Cable - The rope or chain made fast to the anchor. 2 .Nautical unit of distance, having a standard value of 1/10th of a nautical mile (608 ft.) or 100 fathoms.
Cable-bitt - Large vertical timbers, morticed into the keel, to which anchor and mooring cables were attached.
Cardinal points- The points of North, South, East and West as marked on a compass rose.
Carlins- Structural pieces running fore and aft between the beams.
Carrick bend- A knot used to tie two lines together.
Carvel planking - Solid wood planks, butted together, fastened to the frames, with a flexible caulking between the planks.
Catamaran- A twin hulled boat. Catamaran sailboats are known for their ability to plane and are faster than single hulled boats (monohulls) in some conditions.
Cat Boat A sailboat rigged with one mast and one sail.
Chafe - damage to a line caused by rubbing against another object
Chafe gear
-- gear used to prevent damage by rubbing
Chronmeter - Ships clock
Cam cleat- A mechanical cleat used to hold a lineline automatically. It uses two spring loaded cams that come together to clamp their teeth on the line,
The arch or slope deck , usually higher in the center so the water can drain off Also known as round of beam
Camel - Hollow vessel of iron, steel or wood, that is filled with water and sunk under a vessel. When water is pumped out, the buoyancy of camel lifts ship. Usually employed in pairs. At one time were usual means of lifting a vessel over a bar or sandbank. 2.  wooden float  use between dock and ship.
Can Bouy - A cylindrical buoy painted green and having an odd number used in the United States as a navigational aid
Can Hooks - Two flat hooks running freely on a wire or chain sling. Hooks are put under chime of casks, weight is taken on chain sling or wire. Weight of lift prevents unhooking.
Canal A manmade waterway used to connect bodies of water that do not connect naturally
Canoe stern - A pointed stern, such as those on a canoe
Canvas -- slang for sail. Originally sails were made of canvas.
Capstan: - the drum-like part of the windlass, which is a machine used for winding in rope, cables or chain connected to an anchor cargo.
Capsize -To turn over.
Captain- The person who is in charge of a vessel and legally responsible for it and its occupants.
Car - A sliding fitting that attaches to a track allowing for the adjustment of blocks or other devices attached to the car.
Cardinal points-The points of North, South, East and West as marked on a compass rose
Carline Wood stringer support for hatches and cabins
Carrick Bend-. - A knot used to tie two lines together
Cast Off - to release lines holding boat to shore or mooring, to release sheets.
Casting Line- A heaving line
Catamaran- A twin hulled boat.
Catboat- - A sailboat rigged with one mast and one sail
Catenary - The sag in a line strung between two points such as the anchor line.
Calk to fill wooden vessel seams with oakum and cotton using caulking irons and hammer
Caulking- Material used to seal the seams in a wooden vessel, making it watertigh.
Celestial navigation - to calculate your position using time, the position of celestial bodies, and mathematical tables
Centerboard - a fin shaped, often removable, board that extends from the bottom of the boat as a keel
Center line-- The imaginary line running from bow to stern along the middle of the boat.
Center of effort - The center of wind pressure on the sail plan
Checking - Longitudinal separation of the fibers in wood that do not go through the whole cross section. Checks result from tension stresses during the drying process.
Chafe - damage to a line caused by rubbing against another object
Chafe gear -- gear used to prevent damage by rubbing
Chain plate - A steel plate or bar by which the standing rigging is attached to the hull.
Chantey-  also Chanty or Shanty - A shipboard song, or chant primarily on merchant ships during heavy work, such as turning the capstan or hoisting a sail, to help coordinate the men's efforts and to pass the time.
Chandler- A dealer in provisions and equipment.
Channel -1. That part of a body of water deep enough for navigation through an area otherwise not suitable. It is usually marked by a single or double line of buoys and sometimes by range markers.2. The deepest part of a stream, bay, or strait, through which the main current flows.3. A name given to a large strait, for example, the English Channel.
Chart datum-- The water level used to record data on a chartchart. Usually the average low tide water level.
Chart table- - A table designated as the area in the boat where the navigator will study charts and plot courses.
Chart -A map for use by navigators.
Chanty - Shanties are the work songs that were used on the square-rigged ships of the Age of Sail. Their rhythms coordinated the efforts of many sailors hauling on lines
Charley noble: - galley stove-pipe
Check: To ease a rope a little, and then belay it..
Cheek block-- A block with one end permanently attached to a surface.such as on the sides of the mast.
Chine -The intersection of the bottom and sides of a flat or v-bottomed boat.
Chock -A fitting through which anchor or mooring lines are led. Usually U-shaped to reduce chafe
Chockablock-- When a line is pulled as tight as is can go, as when two blocks are pulled together. also know as "two blocks"
Chop-Small, steep disorderly waves.
Cleat - A wood or metal fitting with two horn around which ropes are made fast.
Clevis Pin- A  metal pin used to attach fittings to each other or their mounts
Clew- Lower aft corner of the fore and aft sail or the lower corners of a sq sail.
Clipper bow - A bow where the stem has a forward curve and sides have a lot of flair. Also called a schooner bow.
Close hauled - sails and boom pulled in tight, enabling the boat to point as high as possible to the direction the wind is coming from
Close reach - Sailing with the wind coming from the direction forward of the beam of the boat. A close reach is the point of sail between a beam reach and close hauled.
Close Reef - To reduce the size to the last reef point giving the minimum sailing area. 
Clove Hitch attach a rope to a pole, this knot provide a quick and secure result
Clipper was first a generic name to describe a very fast sailing ship
Coaming -- the raised border around the cockpit, or a hatch to keep out water
Coaster- A vessel that keeps close to land.
- the area, below deck level, that is somewhat more protected than the open deck, from which the tiller or wheel is handled
Coil - To lay a rope down in circular turns
Companionway -- staircase that leads to the cabin
Compass -Navigation instrument, either magnetic (showing magnetic north) or gyro (showing true north).
Compass Card -Part of a compass, the card is graduated in degrees, to conform with the magnetic meridian-referenced direction system inscribed with direction which remains constant; the vessel turns, not the card.
Compass rose -The resulting figure when the complete 360 directional system is developed as a circle with each degree graduated upon it, and with the 000 indicated as True North. Also called true rose. This is printed on nautical charts for determining direction.
Colors-The national flag and or other flags.
Cordage- Any rope or line
Course -- compass heading or the angle of the boat in sailing against the wind
Courtesy Flag- A smaller version of the flag of the country being visited. It is flown from the starboard spreader.
Cowl -The bell shape top of a ships or boats ventilator.
Cringle- A fitting in a sail that allows a line to fasten to it
Crosstrees - horizontal pieces of wood or metal that cross the mast up high, acting as spreaders for the topmast shrouds.
Crow's Nest - protected look-out position high on the foremast
Crutch -
A support for a spar when spar is no in use.
The horizontal movement of water.
Club footed jib - A jib with a boom or "club" on the foot of the sail.
Cutter- A sailboat with one mast and rigged a mainsail and two headsails. Also see sloop.
Cuddy -  A small compartment or cabin

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